Kingjoe_Versace aka Ghanamanhene is an independent Hip hop and Afro pop artist.A down to earth baller known to be the King Of Gold.Born on 5th January 1989 in Ghana but with the international flavor.i do the Lavish rap with Dj Black’s rhythmic African Poetry(RAP) mindset to entertain and uplift the depressed soul.Hip Hop is our foundation to speak to the youth and intellect their minds on a different level.Music is the food of life.I came into the industry in 2016 with my debut project Goldie.My biggest record is coming everybody should wait on it.Am bringing something new to the table.Over 90% of music lovers are now switching to Afro Pop & Trap music and D-Block Cash we here now to make the difference.i love to do hip hop till dust.A youngie who always woke up to feel Biggie’s juicy,Puff Daddy and Tupac’s Whole album never got It wrong doing music now because I grew up with it.Am highly motivated by T-Wizzle,Papi_5five.I wonna make it big like Sarkodie and Ciroc Don Sean Diddy Comb. No one gat connection to me Wi-fi!! They call me immaculate.am on ya lips like chocolate.welcometo ma state. don’t hesitate to congratulate!!